Delphi Energy Fund offers turnkey solutions for sustainability and profitability.

Delphi will conduct a full Investment Grade Energy Audit of the lighting, HVAC and building envelope in a facility. With the results, Delphi provides a detailed energy conservation plan including Delphi’s Minimum Guaranteed Savings Program. Proper deal structure and planning can optimize cashflow, return on investment and tax position, while appreciably increasing the value of your properties.

Delphi will identify new technology options, as applicable, and implement all energy conservation work, selecting and supervising vendors and other service providers. Utility provider costs will be reviewed and lower cost providers and Curtailment Programs will be recommended.

Delphi will prepare documentation for IRS filing and utility rebates as well as supervise, prepare and submit all documentation for grants, TIFs and other governmental incentive programs.

Delphi can provide all funding to underwrite the project, either as a lease or a guaranteed savings program.